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Women in Docs on the road again

April 23, 2014

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New album sparks national tour

And interest from overseas


THE launch of `Carousel’, the latest album for the highly revered folk pop duo Women in Docs, has been so successful the talented singer/songwriters have found themselves on a national tour.

Women in Docs’ Roz Pappalardo and Chanel Lucas.

This week, from April 25 to 27, the girls will be featured performers at the Fairbridge Festival in the southern WA suburb of Pinjarra, about an hour’s drive from Perth.
Roz Pappalardo and Chanel Lucas are Women in Docs. They have been together for over a decade and have built up quite a large national following of fans drawn to their exquisite harmonies, often humorous self-written lyrics and upbeat sounds.
Carousel was the result of several years of collaboration and flights between their respective homes in Cairns and Brisbane.
“Although being two days drive away from each other we were able to make the best of our limited time together,” said Chanel, who admits the lead song `Carousel’ was written in just an hour while back stage at a gig in Cairns. “Of course, it had to be polished up after that but the actual song was very quick to write.”.

Natural Aussie sound

Chanel and Roz’s vocal styles are uniquely different and the accent is on a pure, natural Aussie sound. “We want to sound like ourselves and not adopt a singing style because it is popular. That’s not what we are all about. Our songs are all about telling people’s stories and we do that as only we can … as ourselves. It’s what sets us apart,” said Chanel. “We are also Aussie and proud of it,” she added with gusto.

The Carousel album has excited fans and potential bookers internationally, particularly from China, America and Europe. “We are looking at a European tour in a couple of years.”
Of course Women in Docs, who have been likened to The Waifs, Dixie Chicks and Indigo Girls, are no strangers to international travel. In addition to playing to appreciative audiences in North America, New Zealand, China and Europe they have performed at major festivals worldwide including the Shanghai Music Festival, Germany’s International Folk Festival, the Folk Alliance in San Diego and SXSW in Texas.

New approach to touring

After a three year break from touring, Women in Docs has spent the past few months making up for the sojourn fulfilling a hectic program of gigs but Chanel says while being back on the road again is great both have learned to pace the touring a little better.

“We are not 20 anymore so touring can be very exhausting if you let it. We used to be 9 months on the road as our main role but these days we have other jobs to consider as well,” she said.
Chanel works as a university lecturer teaching students how to run a music business and Roz works for an Arts Centre in Cairns as program director.
As a result of their ancillary occupations it is not surprising to find Chanel marking term papers on tour. “It has been quite challenging but we love being back on the road.”
Fans are turning up in large numbers to support the talented duo’s decision to return to touring. “We are delighted that our concerts are selling so well and it is great to see so many people we haven’t seen in a long time,” said Chanel.
“When we were at the Thornbury Theatre in Melbourne I even had an exchange student who was at my school turn up and say hi! We have found the tour has been a bit of a reunion for us too.”
Your next chance to see Women in Docs will be in August/September this year when they have planned an extensive Australia-wide regional tour.
After that the girls tell me it will be back to the drawing board to start writing for their next album.


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