Close shave for Jade Hurley (1998)

January 14, 2013

90's Flashback

Rock'n'roller tumbles as heart skips a beat

On With the Show's

Jade Hurley - felt the pains coming on but thought he could last until the end of the show.

Flashback to Variety Today 1998


JADE Hurley is one of rock'n'roll's most determined survivors. He has been down for the count more than once, with the latest scare at Newcastle Workers Club being among the closest shaves yet experienced "This one was bad", recalls a much relieved Jade from his resting bed at a friend's home in Sydney.

A rare condition in which Jade has only two instead of three arteries to his heart is once again blamed for his collapse while performing to a packed house of about 1200 people.

The heart condition has previously caused six heart attacks. "The two arteries have become stronger and every so often the heart goes into spasms and I go down for the count," the popular entertainer explained. "This attack was one of the worst I've endured and falling forward into the audience could have easily caused further injury - but I was lucky," said Jade, who had felt the pains coming on but thought he could last out his two hour solo cabaret show.

"I felt severe pains in my chest and knew what it was, but thought I would be able to go until the end. You know ... the show must go on!", he said in good old-fashioned tradition.

But Jade was wrong! He was raced by ambulance to John Hunter Hospital in a serious condition. Ironically, only a few days later, he was starring in a fundraising concert for a five-year-old Sydney girl, Celeste Tate, who suffers with a similar problem. "Celeste needs to raise $300,000 to have an operation in America. I want to be there for her," said Jade, despite his own close call.

Having been through similar life-threatening experiences several times before Jade appreciates that time is of the essence when such an incident occurs. "These sorts of health emergencies can happen to anyone and they need help quickly," said the rocker, discovered by Johnny O'Keefe in the early 60s.

Help at the press of a button

Jade felt so deeply about the safety issue that last year he launched his own security company on the Queensland Gold Coast. It has now spread to Sydney and Melbourne, followed soon by New Zealand, South Africa and Indonesia. The Safety Phone System consists of the latest technology which puts help at a press of a button.

Jade's home is fully fitted out with the new product which can assist in the cases of home invasion, domestic violence, and accident. It is a unique system from England which was adapted for Australian conditions," said Jade.

"I wanted to find the best product in the world. If someone needs help, they press a button and within 40 seconds the appropriate aid is on its way. Even if you fall down the stairs, for instance, a button on the wrist can be pushed for instant assistance. There is no wiring and help can be at your side in 10 minutes. He added that the beauty of the system was its immediate response.

Feeling safe and secure with his system fully installed in his own rural-set home in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Jade continues also with his music interests.

His album and video release in September last year immediately attracted expressions of interest from throughout Asia, Singapore, England and Ireland.

It is no wonder considering the impressive contributions by Australian songwriters such as Ray Young (of Bullamakanka fame). "Eight out of the 13 tracks are Australian," said Jade.

The album is called `I Wouldn't Be Dead for Quids', the song he was singing when he suffered his collapse at Newcastle Workers Club.

Jade is a dynamic workaholic who cites politics, golf, playing the piano and line dancing as other favourite past times. He is also `secure' in the knowledge that life still holds many challenges ahead, including a new album.

Recently, Jade added to his long list of credits, being awarded the highly prestigious Order of Australia Medal.

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4 Responses to “Close shave for Jade Hurley (1998)”

  1. kayla Says:

    hi jade hurley i love your music and im very younge i saw you in consert once and loved you


  2. Robyn Duff Says:

    Alicia(daughter is Jane Kellaway) & I went to Twin Towns to see Jade Hurley today & what a fantastic show, enjoyed every minute of it. Great songs, great entertainer Jade Hurley is & would love for him to return to Twin Towns soon.


  3. DareDevilDes Says:

    At Wagga (18Th August 2016) Jade was scintillating with his tireless skills at the Grand Piano to playing Chariots Of Fire + Singing “Leah” (Roy Orbison ) with ability so convincing. I found myself determined to reach him at the foyer to reveal my appreciation that he had taken time out whilst in NASHVILLE to check out the Johnny CASH Museum, then to his wife June’s grave site to find it in an unkempt state which he rectified by contacting the CASH family along with C.M.A. in Nashville to express his disbelief!!
    To reach Jade in amongst the numerous fans I strolled along the theatre’s inner windows and shook his hand saying: “What you did for the memory of the legendary Johnny and June CASH was so worthy and I appreciate your actions and style. Best to you. DA, Ungarie NSW


  4. DareDevilDes Says:

    John Laws should be made aware that we have a brilliant artiste in our land in Jade Hurley. His dramatic style at the piano alone is quite sensational and mesmorising! Long may he entertain and do the good work he does.
    Des Ayres, Ungarie. NSW.


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