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WHEN a new century was just about to dawn in 2000, KPOP star Christopher Kim was at a point in his career where he was at the top of his game and adored by millions of fans throughout Korea and around the world.

As a member of unisex group The S#arp (Sharp) his success came quickly and included 9 hit songs and 5 #1 albums. It seemed he had it all – money, fast cars and fame.

Why then did the adored pop star, who loved music from a young age and was into b-boy dancing, DJ and rap,  swap it all to join an international company selling skincare made with minerals from the Dead Sea?

On With the Show’s SHIRLEY BROUN caught up with CHRISTOPHER KIM, 36, at the inaugural Australian National Conference of Seacret in Melbourne where, as one of the company’s highest 7-figure earners, he was a special guest.


Christopher, who admits to being a proud American of South Korean descent, born in Hawaii and raised in Los Angeles California, said his story began as a young lad.

Christopher Kim takes a selfie with his Seacret team in Melbourne.

Christopher Kim takes a selfie with his Seacret team in Melbourne.

“I was always into b-boy dancing but was a troubled youth in my town. My mother often worried and was always praying for my future,” he said.

“One day I was introduced to some church friends that had an afterschool hip hop dance program. I was enrolled by my mother and got heavily involved.

“In 1996 a famous KPOP group came to Los Angeles for a concert and I was scouted to be a backup dancer for music artists who were performing in LA. It was at that concert that I was scouted by agents from Korea and two days later I was offered a contract and flown to Seoul in South Korea.

“From there, my two-year journey to debut began.”

Surprise twist as Chris joins The S#arp

The opportunity to join The S#arp (Sharp) caught Chris by surprise at first.

“I was a practice artist getting ready to record an album for a boy band originally and then I was asked by my record label CEO to join this unisex group. It wasn’t what I had in mind but I made the decision and took the chance because the timing was right and the group had the potential to reach stardom,” said Chris.

A philosophical Chris added: “I’ve realised that life changing opportunities can often be disguised as having weak or no potential but often that’s not the case at all. The single most important thing is to take action when the opportunity is presented and that’s what I did with The S#arp (and later with Seacret).”

The S#arp turned out to be a huge success with 9 hit songs including `Closer’ and 5 #1 albums plus a host of industry awards including `Best Mixed Group’ in the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

“The highlight of my career was when our song hit #1 for the first time. It was like bliss and happiness from all our hard work followed by tears of joy from reminiscing about all the heartaches and struggles we endured along the way.”

Chris, who also plays guitar and clarinet, writes songs for other artists touring Korea and lists Michael Jackson, Biggie and Tupac as his favourite rappers, went on to become a solo artist and released a solo album called `Christopher`.

Ask Chris today if becoming a pop star was everything he dreamed it would be and he says: “Absolutely not!”

“It was kind of hard because you are in the public eye and constantly being watched. You don’t get much privacy. You also have to learn that it is a business that requires profit and the other sad but true fact is that artists have an expiration date.”

“As a performer what I did learn was what confidence is and how it can greatly be used to your advantage but on the downside I didn’t know how to handle success and was caught up in an endless cycle of the fast life, fast money and fame with no mentorship and no idea about managing my finances.”

From popstar to Seacret Agent

The transition from popstar to Seacret Agent was the right choice at the right time, according to Chris.

“The timing was right and I needed an opportunity at that moment in my life,” he said.

The Seacret business model was at the same time also transitioning from having its quality and exclusive skincare range (featuring minerals from the Dead Sea) for sale in kiosks in major shopping centres across 40 countries to only being available online as part of a new relationship marketing concept. The plan was to roll it out progressively around the world beginning with the USA and Korea.

The new online marketing model is now available in seven countries including the USA, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Canada, Germany and Australia with exciting new markets set to open soon.

Chris said the initial call to join Seacret came from an old friend Betty Perez, a joint owner, and despite not knowing much about skincare as such he soon became the company’s first Seacret Agent.

He said the Seacret product range is amazing with everything from quality skincare, hair and nail products to the revolutionary Recover Day Masque.

Chris explained that by closing the kiosks and making the products available only online the company has been able to cut costs and offer products to VIP customers for up to 60 per cent off normal retail prices.

When customers spend $99 (in Australia) on products, delivery is free and they become VIP customers with their own website from which they can order at any time. Those interested in seeing products demonstrated can also take advantage of a Seacret WOW or pamper party complete with host incentives and gifts on offer.

Without hesitation Chris said the new role changed his life “mentally, financially and spiritually and at last I had a mentor or I should say mentors in the owners of this company Moty and Chaya Ben-Shabat in Melbourne and Izhak Ben-Shabat in the USA.”

“I also got the opportunity to be a part of the company’s history,” he said.

“My primary contribution to Seacret, which partners for research and development with L’Oreal, was the opening of the South Korean market which today is in the top spot with revenues of up to $US200 million a year.

“We have been the #1 growth company in the world and ranked in the top five companies in the field.”

Chris said the journey to being a 7-figure earner was not a walk in the park but rather it took `hard work, dedication and most importantly consistency’.

Performers make great Seacret agents

Could other performers follow in Chris’s footsteps and reach their ultimate income stream and lifestyle as a Seacret Agent?

“Most definitely,” said Chris.

And, why should it be a considered an option?

“Because, most celebs don’t have a plan `B’.  This is a great vehicle that can secure their future.”

“This business is actually a lot like the entertainment industry – it can provide big money, time and freedom.”

“It is actually ideal for anyone who wants to build their own business, in their own time and work from home. Honestly, Just about anyone can do it.”

Chris said the philosophy is simple: “By helping others get what they strive for from the business, you can make your dreams come true as well.”

While Chris has not ruled out a return to recording sometime in the future, there is one thing for sure and that is a determination to maintain his active involvement as a Seacret Agent.

“I can’t stop building the business today. I love what I do and it’s an honour to be an ambassador for Seacret. This opportunity has given me an abundance of time and money for everything that is precious in my life including my beautiful family.”

Chris said he was excited to meet so many new Seacret Agents at the company’s first conference in Melbourne and said Australia has a special place in his heart.

“There is huge potential and the future is very bright for our Seacret Agents in Australia.  I love them all dearly and this is only the beginning.”

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8 Responses to “Christopher Kim raps to a new beat”

  1. Peter Lomax Says:

    What an awesome story Chris. Your journey of success, failure, success has made you into one of the best mentors I’ve had the privilege to work with. My family is and will be forever indebted to your perseverance and consistency to help others succeed. Thank you


  2. Matt Hall Says:

    What a fantastic article!!!
    It is great to read the real story behind an artist and where a journey can lead them!
    Christopher – you prove that having a great mindset and making decisions based on your heart and seeing the timing to do so can really pay off!
    It sounds like this Plan B is ideal for anyone!
    Amazing story.


  3. Ben Crichton Says:

    Great article , amazing man with many talents


  4. Natalie Swaffer Says:

    Chris, it was a pleasure to meet you in Melbourne. I agree, Seacret Australia is an exceptional business for anyone wanting to build the life of their dreams, but most importantly, assisting others build the life of their dreams. Seacret is a wonderful community to be part of. I look forward to crossing paths with you again.


  5. Janice Thurber Says:

    Great article and what Amazing story and an inspiration to me and my new business. Thank you for sharing


  6. Dave Furness Says:

    Great story.


  7. Carolyn Czernotowycz Says:

    Great to be part of this Seacret family and spending time with you in Melbourne at our annual conference. Also hearing about your story and why I am so excited to partner with you in this amazing journey with Seacret. Your a true leader and this business is based on family values and no one is left behind. Looking forward to spending more conferences and leadership training in the future.


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