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Tribute to `King’ Arthur of the Gold Coast

November 18, 2012

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Arthur Coghlan inspired Ian McLeod's latest single `King Arthur of the Gold Coast

Arthur Coghlan inspired Ian McLeod’s latest single `King Arthur of the Gold Coast

Songwriter Ian McLeod (Rockarama) pays tribute to Escapologist, Arthur Coghlan

Ian McLeod wrote:

“When my good friend, Arthur Coghlan, told me he was coming out of retirement to do one last daring underwater stunt, I decided it was time to pay tribute to one of Australia’s all-time Masters of Escapology.

“After viewing some early TV footage of Arthur and researching his time at the Magic Castle on the Gold Coast, the words just flowed”.

Later this year, a date is still to be set, the lovable octagenarian plans to be lowered into Sydney Harbour chained to a concrete block, and free himself before he runs out of breath.

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