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Special CD launch in presence of `Royalty’

November 4, 2012

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A Right Royal Celebration


By Shirley Broun


Ian MacLeod, Arthur Coghlan and Bob Browne at the launch.

IT seems the King of the Gold Coast’s Magic Castle has woven a magical spell over songwriter Ian MacLeod.

The renowned Rockabilly Cowboy has penned a tribute to Australia’s much-loved escapologist/magician Arthur Coghlan, 80, which captures the essence of the man who has intrigued and thrilled audiences around the world.

Ian MacLeod & Arthur Coghlan.

It seemed only fitting that the launch of Ian’s latest single, King Arthur of the Gold Coast, be at a popular local venue, and The Vault, at Southport won the exclusive launch on November 3, 2012,  plus its guests also enjoyed an afternoon of fabulous entertainment as only Ian MacLeod, Brooke Banderis, bass player Don Prior and the band could deliver.

And, all this in the presence of the man himself, Arthur Coghlan and his lovely wife, Val.
Despite hobbling into the venue on crutches following a knee operation the day before, Arthur was the bell of the ball, exchanging stories with long time entertainment friends and revelling in the many accolades which Ian Macleod and so many bestowed upon him on the day.
Community radio 2GLF 89.3FM Country Music host Bob Browne paid special tribute to Arthur and quizzed him on his upcoming death defying escape planned to take place in Sydney Harbour early in 2013.

Brooke Banderas

It’s no denying – the highlight of the day was certainly the public debut of the uptempo `King Arthur of the Gold Coast’ single by its inspired songwriter and smooth-voiced Ian MacLeod. A standing ovation ensued and all bowed to the combined talents of the Rockabilly Cowboy Ian MacLeod and Australia’s `Royal’ escapologist/magician `King’ Arthur. Long live the King.

You can download a copy of the single on this website for just 99 cents.

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