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Jimmy Barnes – My Brush with Fame

Jimmy Barnes is quite a Dad

Back in 2005 I was working as a journalist in Lismore and was sent to interview Jimmy Barnes in Bangalow (near Byron Bay ). The story had been set up to have Jimmy in a photo with a local guy of the same name, for which he obliged. But since he was performing for a Father’s Day concert it was a great opportunity to find out his thoughts on being a dad.

It was refreshing to see that despite his fame and fortune, Jimmy put being a dad first. He said: “A lot of dads get caught up in earning money and giving their kids material things, but you can give your kids a lot more by spending time with them and you get more back.” That stuck with me and I couldn’t agree more.

Renee Redmond


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  1. Sandhya Says:

    Terra Nova
    In 2011 I was working as an extra on the US TV series Terra Nova, that filmed in the Gold Coast Hinterland. One particular day on set I was bumped up to a featured extra and got to be in a scene with Stephen Lang (Avatar). It was the middle of winter and we were filming in the middle of the night so all of us (cast, crew and extras) were all freezing. Stephen Lang noticed I was feeling particularly cold and happily lent me his blanket in between takes. It was a really nice gesture.
    Sandhya Dhaliwal


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