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Kinsmen’s off-stage antics!

November 16, 2012

90's Flashback

Away from the Spotlight

Sock it to `em

Rob Pearson, Graham Wilson & Scott Radburn devise a unique play!

HAVE you ever wondered what entertainers do in their `spare time’?

Well there is something to be said for performing in a group because immediately there is a `team spirit’ to inject into outside activities, putting a `group’ a step ahead.

Such was the case for this soccer `super group’ - namely, three members of The Four Kinsmen (Robert Pearson, Graham Wilson and Scott Radburn) - seen here kicking around a soccer ball as part of the Gold Coast’s Jupiters Casino Soccer team in the 1990s.

Once a week they would match their skills with other enthusiastic members of the multi-million dollar production show in a light-hearted romp on the soccer field. But don’t get me wrong … the competition was a serious affair.


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