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Tell us about your `brush with fame’

January 1, 2013

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Readers invited to share story of meeting a celebrity

By On With the Show’s SHIRLEY BROUN

THE start of a brand new year comes with all my wishes for a fabulous, entertainment and success-filled 2013 to you all. I also hope all those New Year’s resolutions reach fruition and we don’t let anything sway us from our goals and ambitions.

I saw the New Year in watching Kylie Minogue push the button to spark the beginning of the $6.5 million fireworks display over Sydney Harbour. Wow, if that didn’t herald a thumping big bang to 2013 then I don’t know what would have!

I look forward to the next 12 months with enthusiasm and excitement as I continue to build on my `dream’ website www.onwiththeshow.com.au which I hope will contribute much to the promotion of the industry I love and admire … entertainment!

Share your special memories

When you look at what entertainers contribute in their bid to make our days, special occasions and lives so much more fun and memorable, then I can understand why the industry has such a strong following worldwide. And, I bet just about everyone has a special memory to share about how a performer – whether it be an actor, singer, dancer, personality, musician or another from the industry – has touched their lives. If so, we would love to hear your story, even if it was just the fact that you finally crossed paths with your idol or perhaps, how they touched your heart with a special performance.

I remember such a moment when I was interviewing entertainers in Las Vegas many years ago. An Australian was Entertainment manager at the MGM Grand (the old one before the current MGM was built). He invited me to see a living-legend in Dean Martin in concert. Wow what a show. I couldn’t believe I was sitting there watching a man I had grown up seeing on all the movies. He looked and sounded just the same. But it gets better …

After the show, the manager invited me to join him for a drink. When we opened the fridge there was no ginger ale to mix with the scotch we were about to devour so the manager suggested we borrow some from Dean Martin’s dressing room fridge. “There is always plenty of mixer drinks in there,” he assured me. “And Dean will be gone by now … he never stays long.”

So up we walked to the dressing room at the end of the corridor. We knocked (just in case) and then proceeded to open the door and walk in only to find Dean Martin still there. Dean smiled and welcomed us in … “the more the merrier,” he said with an engaging smile.

The moment he spoke, I froze on the spot. I tried to speak but nothing would come out of my mouth. The more I tried the less sound I made. Could it be a sign that I was – for the first time in my life – absolutely Star Struck. The answer is a resounding `Yes’, having idolised Dean Martin as a child and now into my early 20s actually meeting him in person had proved too much for me and I was left speechless! Some say … for the first time in my life!

Talking of personalities, I also remember witnessing famous Australian entertainer Rolf Harris rushing to save a young boy who appeared to be in difficulties in the hotel’s swimming pool. Rolf, who had just walked out of a lift, didn’t hesitate when he heard the cries for help and fully clothed dived in to rescue him, only to find out later the boy was only joking. Although I didn’t see too many people laughing … particularly Rolf who was wringing wet.

If you have a story of a chance or interesting meeting with a celebrity, please share it with us. Just email us on our `Get in touch with us’ email on this page or on our `contacts’ page. We would love to hear about them. In the meantime, please have a very Happy New Year!


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