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Col Elliott – Flashback to 1993

May 15, 2014

90's Flashback

Col takes his humour to the Brits

On With the Show’s Flashback

to Variety Today 1993


IN one short performance Col Elliott took his audience from hysterical laughter with his `roady’ Chooka Dennis to near tears as he sang the touching `Hankies from Nanna’.

Comedy Performer of the Year Col Elliott.

Such is the power of this performer who, although enjoying one of the most successful years of his career, remains unaffected and down to earth.

Col, voted Queensland’s top Comedy Performer of the Year at the recent Wallaces Awards, is now on track to give the British a taste of his unique `Aussie’ humour.

Long time manager and friend Bernie Stahl heads to Britain next month to finalise details for a new television series featuring Col Elliott in Full Flight.

TV series filmed in Australia

The series of four half-hour television specials was filmed during the past few months in Australia. “We are getting great vibes back from England already – Australians are really flavour of the month,” said Col, who scored initial success with his one man show in London’s famed West End 18 months ago.

The series has also been picked up by Cable TV in the USA and Col is hopeful it will also get the nod in Australia.

On August 18 Col Elliott’s hour special was screened on SKY Channel.

Col has spent a good part of 1993 inside television and recording studios and doing what he loves best – `live’ on stages throughout the country.

New album and video

Never one to let the grass grow under his feet Col has also just released a new video and album. “I don’t get much time to smell the roses or think about what I’ve done. I’m always moving onto the next project,” said Col.

Hot on the heels of his most successful video release to date `Live Across Australia’ which topped the sales charts in its category, the latest video `Nothing Sacred’ captures Col at his best before a live audience.

You’ll witness Col’s amazing ability to hone in on a subject and give it a whole new hilariously funny perspective – for which he is renowned. “I talk about things like a fear of flying and intersperse it with characters such as Guissepe Lasagna and Chooka Dennis plus some very Col-like ditties,” said Col.

Country music personality Nick Erby was the inspiration behind Col’s latest album. “Nick suggested I do an album of crazy bits plus straight songs, some of which had done well on the country charts before.”

These include songs such as `Henry Banjo And Me’ which reached No.4 on the country charts plus a new release `Works Out Easier That Way’ which Col recorded with a group of children. “It’s bloody funny, lovely really. I’ll also be doing some blues numbers, bit of rock’n’roll and country.”

Something Different

The new album, appropriately named `Something Different’, is certainly that, according to Col. “It’s a departure from my normal album and features some good story songs.”

And, for those who hang out for each comedy album Col produces there is another on the way in the form of `While You’re Down There’, due for release by the end of the year. “I can’t let go of my comedy for too long. There’s some crazy stuff on this album,” said Col.

As one of Australia’s most successful comedians Col believes he has somewhat of a charmed life and is a modest recipient when it comes to awards. “I’ve been lucky. I’ve had Gold albums, full houses, I’m paid good money, travel and I can feed and care for my family. And, while it’s lovely to be acknowledged by my peers, I like to see some of the awards going to the younger people trying to work their way up in the industry. They are our future.”

Asked if he had any advice for anyone entering the industry Col said: “You can’t be too sensitive in this industry, you must have a thick skin, tenacity and patience – one door shuts, another slams in your face.
“It can be such a frustrating business but when something good happens you get a great buzz out of it. Just believe in yourself and keep up to date.”


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