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ALVA plans a big year ahead (1995)

December 9, 2012

90's Flashback

News from The Australian Ladies Variety Association president Liz Layton (1995)

By Liz Layton

Liz Layton

WELCOME to 1995. Would someone tell me why the years are going so fast. Before we know it, it’s going to be the year 2000, and I’m just not ready.

Thank goodness I was wrong about everything when I was young. Can you believe that I used to think that once you turned 35 years of age, you were ready for the pension and that no man would ever even look at you! Well, in the year 2000 I’ll definitely be older than 35 and I’m here to tell you that I am certainly not ready to be pensioned off – I’ve got too much to do. As for the men … well, by then I don’t suppose I’ll care that much.


WE have heaps of events happening already this year. The AGM will be at Georges River Sailing Club on Monday, February 20. Arrival time is 11am. If you can be there, please call me. The Australian Ladies Variety Association’s Annual Banquet will be held on Monday, March 27 at the Sebel Town House. On April 10, we have a Trivia Night which is heaps of fun and open to the public. I’ll let you know more about it as we get closer to the time.

The Annual Charity Ball will again be held at the Sheraton Wentworth Hotel, Sydney, Wednesday, August 23.


LOLA Dixon is in `Dolly’ and enjoying it immensely. She said the cast is wonderful and that Jill Perryman is just magic so if you get a chance to see the show, do yourself a favour and don’t miss it. Lola also said the very best thing about being in such a successful production is a weekly paycheck. I believe we can all relate to that.

Do you remember Barbara Montgomery? She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on October 23. she has called him Justin John. I’m absolutely ecstatic about it because her last childe wa stillborn and I know just how scared she was about her delivery this time. Congratulations you clever girl. We all wish you, your husband and your son the very best.

I started the near year off badly. I came home from my show to find the house lit up like a Christmas tree and the front door wide open. As I got out of the car, I thought that my son must have found the other set of keys but no such luck. Thankfully, nothing large was taken – TV, video, etc – but all the little valuables were gone and they had trashed the place. We are still cleaning up.

Do you remember when you could leave your house unlocked? These days you’ve got to put bars on every window and a guard at every door. Oh well, it could have been worse.

IF you see the new show `Sisters Incorporated’ starring Billy Wilde and Sharon Crystal advertised anywhere, go and see it. The girls have put a lot of effort into its production and I’ve heard that it is terrific. I only saw one number and I was impressed.

LUCKY Grills was married on January 31 to Marie Miller (big Norm Miller’s widow). We wish you both heaps of love and peace now that you are together. At the moment, I’ve heard that `Lucky’ would be able to play the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland without even having to put on the make-up! He’s definitely very pleased with himself. Isn’t it great to see people who are happy. The energy they generate is catchy.

LYNNE Rogers has a one woman show and her musical director is none other than Erris Vensky from `Kevin & Erris’ fame. I had no idea that Erris was that good, and Lynne is a genius for getting him. We see performers `doing their stuff’ all the time and admire their talents but, we often don’t know what they did before. It appears that Erris was a solo pianist and has accompanied many top line performers. The show, by the way, is absolutely wonderful. It’s another `must see’ show.

Lynne Rogers has a new Musical Director and one-woman show.

LYNN Dargie has a new show. It’s called `The Dargie Four’ and was written by Peter Cleary. He has a knack for putting great material together and the girls will certainly perform it to the Max. That’s about it for this issue. If anything amazing is happening in your life, let me know because I’d love to tell the world.

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