The Mystery of the missing laptop!

November 23, 2012

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Following a great show last Wednesday morning at 'Across The Waves' in Bundaberg, we packed the gear as normal and started the 5-6 hour drive home to the Gold Coast. About 3 hours from Bundy, Rob made the heart-stopping discovery that he'd left his laptop computer on the loading dock. It was one of those awful feelings as you drive along thinking 'it was with everything else. I must have packed it!'. After pulling over and finding it missing, he made frantic calls to the Club thinking that surely whoever found it would have taken it to Reception. No. So he tried the police. Nothing. It was gone. And being a brand new computer, there wasn't even any ID in the bag.

Now, if you're a computer owner who does everything on it, you'll understand how Rob felt now. Bit by bit, you realise what's on the computer and there was no backup! New songs, routines ideas, photos, music, emails, contacts. It was a pretty devastating trip home as reality hit. We even pulled over and checked the car again, thinking 'it just HAS to be here!'.

But fate stepped in the next day. It was suggested that Rob call 'CASH CONVERTERS', something we hadn't thought of. And sure enough, someone had 'found' the computer and thinking he'd make some quick cash, took it straight to the pawn shop. Doesn't this person ever watch 'COPS' or 'LAW & ORDER'? Obviously not. Because the whole transaction is apparently on Security TV. Watch this space for updates. The only downer now is that Rob can't get his computer back for a month as it's evidence now. That's a bummer but no doubt he felt a lot better on Thursday night than he did on Wednesday night.

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