Guy Sebastian – Brush with Fame

MY Brush with fame was years ago I was in high school, after a multimedia class I found myself speaking to two girls from my class. Midway through conversation their faces froze and one yelled in my face “That’s guy from Australian idol!!” Of course this was the year of the first season of Australian idol so it was a very big deal however I had never watched an episode. “Where? ” the other girl responded quickly. “Right there” she pointed.

Intrigued I asked “Which guy is from Australian Idol?” I looked and there were people everywhere as it was the end of class. “No that’s guy from Australian Idol!” she snapped. “I know but which guy is from Idol?” I asked again. She said “Guy” to which I frustratingly asked again” Where? Which guy? What’s his name?” I looked around and all I saw were heads moving down the hallway. Suddenly the two girls yelled “Oh my god! His name is guy and he is right there you idiot!”

At this point I turned around and there was a young guy wearing a beanie talking to my multimedia teacher. “Oh his name is guy”.  I now realised how stupid this conversation was and that if it was Mr Guy Sebastian he had heard the whole thing. I asked him “excuse me are you Guy from Australian Idol?” He smiled and said “yes”. The two girls rolled their eyes at me and walked away.

Tim Mullins


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