Entertainment Industry pays tribute to Angry Anderson (1996)

December 3, 2012

90's Flashback

Variety Today 1996

By Shirley Broun

COMBINE passion with opinion, add heart - it's a highly combustible mix, and makes up just some of the ingredients for Ray Martin's potent `Angry Anderson cocktail'.

"There aren't many Aussies who deliver so much good as Angry does with everything from kids' cancer clinics to little Annie who died almost in his arms," said the much-loved host of TV's Current Affair.

As special guest presenter at the 21st Annual Australian Entertainment `MO' Awards, hosted by his Midday Show successor Kerri-Anne Kennerley at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Ray was paying tribute to this year's John Campbell Fellowship Award winner, former Rose Tattoo rock star come humanitarian who has spearheaded many worthwhile causes to help, in particular, disadvantaged children, Angry Anderson.

As the presentation was made by Ray, an emotional Angry stood nestled into his coat lapels, tears welling and choked with emotion. Eventually, with a little prompting from his Midday `pal', Angry approached the microphone: "I've had a few occasions to feel proud for a little bloke, but never as much as tonight, especially as this award is not given every year," said Angry, as he wiped the tears from his eyes. "I'm one of those people who is a Jack of all Trades and master of none. You can't imagine just how much joy and satisfaction is has given me over the years to be able to help so many people. But I don't do it alone - there are so many people who should be thanked, including my family who are always there for me," he said.

Angry said he was also proud to belong to the greatest family of all - entertainment! "It is a wonderful fraternity."

Many images spring to mind when one thinks of this big-hearted Australian - an incurable romantic, passionate, intense, manic, anti-establishment, unpredictable, motivated, bald, charming and stubborn.

Once he sets his mind on something, he goes after it - particularly if it involves helping someone else less fortunate. Growing up on the mean streets of Coburg in Melbourne the young Angry (christened Gary) was obsessed by rock'n'roll music and became involved in a number of bands, the best known of which are Buster Brown and Rose Tattoo. Through his activities with these bands, Angry is seen as a pioneer of heavy rock music in this country.

Angry and Rose Tattoo toured throughout Europe, the UK and the United States, recording a string of classic hard rock'n'roll records including Bad Boy For Love, Scarred For Life, "Stuck on You, We Can't Be Beaten and what could be considered Angry's anthem `Rock'n'roll Outlaw'.

Angry and wife Lindy have four children - daughter Roxanne and three sons, Galen, Blaine and Liam. His outspoken approach to issues ranging from youth affairs and drug addiction to cultural concerns led to his appointment as youth reporter on the Midday Show with Ray Martin in 1985.

Amidst all the frantic activity of television, acting and music commitments, Angry still managed to find time to play the role of Lenin in Rasputin and Herod in the record-breaking Jesus Christ Superstar - The Concert. Prior to this, he played prominent roles in the movies Bullamakanka and Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome.

Angry's work with everything from deaf and blind children, cancer research, and Greenpeace to the plight of farmers, Odyssey House and so many more worthwhile causes where a little can mean so much, has endeared him to thousands throughout the nation. He has also been an Australia Day Ambassador and received the Advance Australia Award (1986), the Australian Medal AM (1993) and the Special Merit Advance Australia Award (1995) and his most recent accolade for outstanding service to the community, The John Campbell Fellowship Award.

2012 UPDATE: Angry Anderson, born August 5, 1947, has launched Angry Marketing. "As you know, I was involved in show business for more than the last 45 years. Recently, I have had the chance to build a strong team of high-end professionals from different fields who have vast experiences in development of media/marketing related products."

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