Career high for Gerry O’Connor (1993)

February 3, 2013

90's Flashback

Award was a surprise

On With the Show's

Flashback to Variety Today 1993

Gerry O'Connor and his wife Sue with his `surprise' Award.

ACTOR, singer, compere extraordinaire Gerry O'Connor experienced a high point of his career when he was presented with a Wallace Award for Theatre Restaurant Performer of the Year.

The honour caught Gerry by surprise. As co-producer of the Wallace Award gala three-and-a-half hour entertainment program which involved about 130 performers, Gerry was busy directing from backstage when the announcement came.

"I didn't realise until people started tapping me on the shoulder and directing me on stage. The experience was so incredible, the emotions just flowed," said Gerry.

His first Wallace Award was special for many reasons. "The statuettes are of George Wallace Snr and Jnr, who have been my inspiration for comedy throughout my career - and it is something I can pass on to my children Simon and Melanie," he said.

When Gerry finally left the Ipswich Civic Hall at 4.05am after all the fanfare of the 20th Annual Wallaces Awards was over, he virtually went straight to work for an early morning call on set of the movie `The Official Denial', starring Chet Everett.

For the past 13 years, Gerry has been a regular compere and performer at Brisbane's Brentleigh Theatre Restaurant. It is here patrons get an opportunity to see Gerry at his funniest including his many character send-ups of people such as the Bee Gees, Joe Cocker, Willy Nelson, Elvis and Tina Turner.

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