ALVABUZZ – New year begins in style (1994)

January 15, 2013

90's Flashback

Surprise for Frankie Davidson

On With the Show's

Flashback to Variety Today 1994


Talk about stand up comedy! Frankie Davidson (third from right) is surrounded by his showbiz peers including (from left) Mike Harris, Johnny Smythe, Lucky Grills, Johnny Pace, Bobby Dennis, Peter Dean, Barry Crocker, Peter Colville and (back row) Rex Allison, Dave Burke and Jacque Renay.

HERE we are in 1994 and if we are to believe the pundits, it will be a good year for everyone. I certainly hope so!

It started off well for Frankie Davidson. His lovely wife, Helen, gave him a surprise party he'll never forget for his 60th birthday. He had been playing golf with Mike Harris at the Monash Country Club and was sure that everyone had forgotten this milestone (or is it millstone) in his life.

After their game, the boys went back to the club to shower, then went upstairs for the usual stop off at the 19th hole. As they walked into the room, everyone jumped out screaming `surprise, surprise' and let me tell you, he was. It's a good thing he's got a strong heart.

Peter Colville, Peter Dean, Dave Burke, Johnnie Smythe, Jan Adele, Lucky Grills, Bobby Dennis and yours truly, all had the opportunity to say all the things we've always wanted to say to and about Frankie but couldn't because of the threat of arrest.

Johnnie Pace and Roast Master, Barry Crocker, sang as only he can, and all in all, it was a super night. Congratulations Helen ... I know the work you put into arranging the night and I also know your husband was tickled pink.

Busy raising money

MANY of the Clubs in New South Wales are putting on shows to help raise money for the victims of the bush fires which have absolutely devastated parts of the State. Australian Ladies Variety Industry (ALVA) girls and their partners are being kept very busy. I always feel proud when I see the people in our industry stand as one to offer their services to help whenever or wherever they are needed.

All over Australia, entertainers and people from all walks of life have offered their support and all I can say is `good on ya mates'. It is wonderful to realise that the great `spirit of Australia' is alive and kicking. I also hope that we can raise enough money to help all the animals whose habitats have been totally destroyed.

Great night of celebration

SHIRLEY Broun looked radiant at Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL in Sydney where she presided over the 3rd Birthday Bash for Variety Today. As I'm sure there will be articles written about the night by other writers, I won't go into details, suffice to say that a great night was had by all.

Shirley and I had never met so the surprise of the night for me was Shirley herself ..."It's absolutely criminal to have legs that long! They go all the way up to her armpits and then some."

ALVA function

THE first ALVA function for the year will be the AGM which is to be held at Kogarah RSL on February 21. It would be great to see some of our Queensland girls there. Of course, I'm not holding my breath this time but don't forget if you are coming to Sydney for any reason  get in touch with me and I'll tell you what is happening for that particular month and, with luck, we might get to see you. Tata for now.

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