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November 4, 2012

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Benny King - old friends are new again!


TIME has a way of going by so quickly!

One minute you are the most `in demand' of artists. actors, performers etc and the next ... the appearances start to wane. But not because you are not equally as talented or in demand but because new artists keep emerging and there are only limited opportunities in the industry to be filled.

Yet these wonderful performers still endure and we love them more and more with each passing year. Some of our biggest stars decide to retire or seek a more regular way to make a living. Others pursue other interests, or decide family at last will come first. There are so many reasons why we lose contact with those wonderful and in many cases familiar faces we loved and adored as we all grew up.

`On With The Show' would love to catch up with some of those `Golden' Stars of Yesteryear. We have all been denied their talents and exposure on the small and big screens, clubs, venues etc for far too long. Or perhaps they are still involved in the industry - we just don't know of it and we would love to show them that they are missed and still loved by so many.

I recently ran into a familiar face from my early days just starting out at Twin Towns Services Club where I assisted then Secretary Manager Russell Roylance and Entertainment Manager Max Miller with the visiting artists.

At the time I fancied myself as a bit of a singer (I have since learned that was not to be) and teamed up with one of the Twin Towns regular musicians in Benny King. We even wrote a song together to enter into the Mike Walsh Show Songwriting contest and regularly teamed up to put on concerts at nursing homes on the Gold Coast. It was a fun time but once I left the Gold Coast and moved south to Sydney, our paths never crossed.

That is until yesterday when our paths did cross at the launch of Ian MacLeod's new tribute CD to Arthur Coghlan. Amazingly, it seemed like no time had past since last we met. Can't tell you how good it felt to catch up ... and so unexpectedly.

: WE would love to feature a personality you remember from the past. If you would like to make a suggestion of a personality you would like to see featured; Or know of someone we could feature; please email us and we will do our best to follow through. Thank you in advance.



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