What Christmas means to Tony Laffan

December 21, 2017

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The imagination of world famous illusionist/magician and now comedy hypnosis extraordinaire Anthony (Tony) Laffan has come to the fore since he welcomed his four children into the world.

He is the first to tell you that special occasions such as Christmas have come to mean a great deal more since their arrival.

Christmas at the Laffan household is full of fun for all ages.

Christmas at the Laffan household is full of fun for all ages.

In an interview while awaiting his flight back to the Queensland Gold Coast from Melbourne, the proud father of four boys aged 4, 6, 10 and 13 said:

“Christmas has become a very special time of year for us. We do the Santa footprints around the house and we have reindeers eating carrots and we challenge the kids (especially the younger boys) to look for their footprints as well.

“It’s like watching our own magic show through the eyes of children who are so excited about Santa’s visit.”

Tony is also captivated by the tradition of Christmas photographs with Santa.

“It’s like a timeline for us to watch how they change over the years,” he said.

Celebrations at the Laffan household are undeniably Australian.

“It’s a time of year when the entire family come together to enjoy Aussie seafood at its best including my mother’s favourite – prawns. We really love our seafood.

“My Dad used to love the chocolate coated almonds at Christmas. Unfortunately, my parents are no longer with us but we are carrying on the tradition.”

Tony still recalls early childhood memories of Christmas.

“Looking back … we used to dress up and do skits from plays. After I grew up and became a full time entertainer, the family used to joke that I was the first performer in the family to actually get paid.

“I also remember getting the threepences out of the hot Christmas puddings. We’d always have to give them back to mum and she would replace it with five cents. And, then there were the bonbons and some had magic tricks and jokes inside. I still use some of those jokes in my act today,” he laughed.

“And then – with the hot weather - there was always the Mr Whippy van going around selling ice creams.”

This year, Tony is hoping to include a visit to the soup kitchen for the homeless to “help out a little”.

“I want my children to learn the art of giving as well as receiving. This is one way we can do this and they also donate toys to less fortunate kids during the year as well.”

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