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June 30, 2018

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HAD a couple of hours to kill today so decided to head to The Star Gold Coast where The Logies are set to be held tomorrow night for the first time. 

TV Week Logie greets visitors to The Star Gold Coast. Photo by Shirley Broun

A tall TV Week Logie.









Not surprisingly, when I alighted from the carpark lifts into the main foyer, there was activity all around.

My dear friend Rob Luker, who previously worked with The Four Kinsmen and has since worked on the concierge desk at Star for many years, was surrounded with new arrivals seeking to have their luggage checked in and asking lots of questions about the venue’s many facilities including bars, restaurants, gaming options, guest reception areas and more.

Just about everyone I could see was wearing a TV Week Logie ID around their neck – an obvious sign that they were attached to the big night celebrations in some way.

Where was mine, I pondered as I sat nonchalantly on a comfy lounge nearby. Maybe next year!

Perhaps I may even be in one of those luxury black hire cars that have been pulling up at the door in an almost procession-like manner … and this is only the day before the big event!

This is the first time the Logies have been so close to home. 

Rob Luker - kept busy by TV Week Logie event.

I sat in the main foyer area for quite a while hoping to spot a `celebrity’ arriving and there is a good chance I did actually see a couple (or that’s what I’d like to believe). Celebrities don’t always look like they do on TV when they are keeping a low profile in `civilian’ clothes. 

After a while I began to feel a bit conspicuous sitting in the same seat and watching everyone arrive so I decided to look elsewhere. Perhaps the celebs had snuck in the back way and were meeting up somewhere else in the casino. It was worth a look.

As I walked through the venue a huge Logie had taken up residence in the centre of the main walking thoroughfare which takes guests past the old atrium bar and new dining venues The Garden Terrace and M&G Café and Bar and into the main Gaming area.

Couldn’t see any celebs but I decided to watch for a while. People of all ages posed for a photo with the dominant TV Week Logie.

A sign at the front invited all to treat themselves to a selfie with the statue. There were smiles all around from everyone that took a pose. Its towering size meant this wasn’t a Logie to take home but I’m sure many photos will hold pride of place in souvenir cabinets instead.

Still no celebrities to be seen so I decided to head to The Darling, which is a luxurious new accommodation option at The Star.

All of a sudden, things began to look up. As I was awaiting my lift to the main floor, who should walk up to the lifts at the same time but Richard Wilkins! Now there is a face I knew and loved.

Unfortunately, he was a little preoccupied with finding his key to see what floor he was going to so a long chat was out of the question. Still … I was happy. I had definitely come to the right place.

You know how I told you about those people with all the TV Week Logie ID’s around their necks? Well, there were three in the lift with me – all very nice and all trying to find out where everything was located at the Star.

Later I also ran into a lovely lady (with a very familiar face that I couldn’t put a name to) in the main foyer who greeted me in great `hi girlfriend’ style. I wish I could remember her name ... she was so so nice.

My two hours was just about up and I had another appointment elsewhere that I needed to get to so I began to head back to the carpark lift.

As I walked past the Big Logie I came face to face with a rather dishevelled Dave Hughes (or Hughesy as he is affectionately known). Looked like he was being guided to the function area – it looked to be somewhat of a struggle - where this mighty big event will take place from 7pm tomorrow night.

All in all, my brief excursion as a star spotter on the day before the first Logies on the Gold Coast may not have been extraordinarily successful but I must say I enjoyed the excitement of the chase.

Everyone here at On With the Show wish all nominees and guests a fabulous night full of surprises, happy reunions, good food and merriment. We love you all xx

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