Tony & Juleen on magic tour to Vegas (1993)

January 8, 2013

90's Flashback

Duo simply `magic'

Tony & Juleen Laffan - turning heads with their `magic' performances.

On With the Show's

Flashback to Variety Today 1993


TONY and Juleen Laffan have come a long way since their first `gig' together supporting Julie Anthony and The Seekers on a Queensland tour five years ago.

It is no illusion or magical feat that these two talented artists have won the hearts and support of audiences throughout the country, purely based on the immense entertainment value their performances exude.

Recently, Tony made a `Variety Club' bus materialise on stage at the inaugural Variety Club Awards night at Seagulls, and later screened in a Prime Television special.

During Easter, the Magic of Tony and Juleen was involved in one of Gold Coast theme park Dreamworld's most successful holiday promotions `Holiday Magic', for which Tony performed an escape from the tracks of Dreamworld's Thunderbolt Rollercoaster, televised on channel Nine's Brisbane Extra.

Tony's escape from Houdini's Water Torture Cell also gained national and international attention.

Tony said he felt like `barramundi bait' in another stunt which had him locked in stocks, wearing a straight jacket 70 feet in the air.

This year, which began with Tony and Juleen being support act for Billy Connolly performing to full houses of 2000 people each night in Brisbane's Lyric Theatre, has been particularly good for the duo. They have been nominated for Duo Performers of the Year in the Wallaces Awards, and been invited to perform at the prestigious Australian Entertainment MO Awards in Sydney.

Unfortunately, the couple could not attend the MO Awards as they are in Las Vegas, soaking up as much magic as they can, forever mindful of their philosophy `Know no limits'.

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