Rolf dedicates mural to Pixie O’Harris (1993)

December 20, 2012

90's Flashback

Rolf and his uncle, Olaf Harris, with the mural, dedicated to Pixie O'Harris.

Flashback to Variety Today 1993



IN painting murals at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, Rolf and Olaf Harris have carried on a family tradition.

Rolf's aunty and Olaf's sister, Pixie O'Harris, was renowned for the hundreds of murals she painted in hospitals throughout the country. She would travel hundreds of miles in her quest to bring happiness to hospital patients, particularly children, with her colourful murals - many depicting elves, gnomes and pixies for which she was renowned.

Even a hospital at the back of Bourke in the remote outback of Australia hosts one of her unique, inspirational murals - and to this day is admired by all.

Pixie, who died two years ago (April 17, 1991) aged 87 was a gentle, warm person who touched the lives of many families throughout her lifetime. She would have been proud to know her `favourite' nephew and her little brother, whom she  called `Puff', were carrying on the work she started.

Rolf, who also painted another mural at Concord during his recent visit to Sydney, dedicated his paintings to `Darling Pix', with whom he had shared so many special moments.

2012 UPDATE: Pixie O'Harris MBE, was a Welsh-born Australian artist, newspaper, magazine and book illustrator, author, broadcaster, caricaturist and cartoonist, designer of book plates, sheet music covers and stationery, and children's hospital ward fairy-style mural painter. She became patron to Sydney’s Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children in 1977. She married Bruce Pratt in 1928.

Rolf and Olaf Harris with Rolf's mural at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, 1993.

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