New album release for Rachel Collis

October 6, 2014

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"I wanted strong songs that

represented the real me"


WHEN it comes to putting together an album, singer/songwriter Rachel Collis is not about to rush into it. She believes “every song has to matter”.

Rachel Collis

Rachel Collis

Rachel has spent the past 18 months working on her highly anticipated second album `Nightlight’ which has been described as a combination of exquisite folk, ballad and pop sounds with breathtaking vocals and delicate piano to create a perfect storm of both beauty and dark sensitivity.

It showcases the indie-pop-folk singer songwriter’s poetic lyrical talent while also allowing her fans to experience the real Rachel. “I am really happy with the album,” said Rachel. “I spent a lot of time researching and thinking about sound and style for the album. I wrote over 20 songs and was determined not to record until I had 10 songs that were not only strong but also represented the real me.”

Rachel, 33, was in good company in the studio too, co-producing with Thirsty Merc’s Sean Carey. “Sean is an excellent guitarist, producer and engineer and shared my vision for the album. His sound aligned with my own desired aesthetic and we were able to achieve an organic and spontaneous feel to the finished product.”

The former high school German teacher with a Masters of Music in Composition and Music Production at the Australian Institute of Music has injected a piece of herself into every track on the new album including her in-depth knowledge of musical theory which has helped stamp her name on each song.

Rachel, also a skilled pianist, only turned professional in 2012 but her live performances and recording prowess are creating a swirl of interest and admiration from fans across the nation including sell out concerts at the prestigious Riverside Theatre in Parramatta and the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

She freely admits touring is not her cup of tea preferring instead to make each of her performances a major event at concerts and in special productions. “My music is more conducive to intimate theatres or cabaret environments. I’ve done a mini tour to Canberra and Newcastle as well as two seasons at Adelaide’s Fringe Festival and will be reaching out to a few more cities next year.”

Influenced by great singer/songwriter’s such as Carole King and Jodie Mitchell Rachel says combining story-telling with beautiful melodies was what she is all about. “I have my heart and soul in the music.”

Rachel says she doesn’t want to be a major superstar. “I’d like to get to the point where I have a substantial audience that I can connect with … that would give me great satisfaction and make me very happy.”

A comprehensive tour for Rachel and her band is now being planned while the artist herself has already started writing for her next album.

On October 31 the classically-trained pianist will launch her second album at the Sydney jazz venue Boundary 616.



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