Magic of The Four Kinsmen returns with Pearson & Harvey at Jupiters

January 26, 2016

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JANUARY 30, 2016

Robert Pearson and George Harvey bring The Four Kinsmen magic to Jupiter's on January 30.

Robert Pearson and George Harvey bring The Four Kinsmen magic to Jupiter's on January 30.

George Harvey and Robert Pearson (formerly of The Four Kinsmen) are returning to JUPITER'S CASINO SHOWROOM

on the Queensland Gold Coast in their new show “KINSMEN & CO.”

MANY will recall The Four Kinsmen's successful seasons as headline act for Queensland Gold Coast’s JUPITER'S CASINO production shows 'STARS', ‘GALAXIES’ & ‘HOLLYWOOD LEGENDS’ during the 1990s. They also went on to headline at the HACIENDA HOTEL on the strip is LAS VEGAS, becoming the first Australian performers to perform their own show in a major hotel on the Strip, leading to 'Las Vegas' Sun critic Joe Delaney listing them in the 'Top 8 shows on the Strip' alongside every major act in the world.

On With the Show (OWTS) asked George Harvey what audiences could expect in the upcoming show at Jupiter's in which they will be joined by a number of special guests.


‘Pearson and Harvey’ took up the mantle of the Kinsmen’s style of entertainment when the group finished in 2002 and it’s wonderful to see that there’s still such a huge audience for variety. And boy, that’s what we give you!

Many people have described our style as being like ‘Melbourne weather’. It just keeps changing.

I may be biased but my mate Robert is one of the funniest guys around. As well as doing the best ‘Frank Spencer’ you’ll ever see, his comedy is timeless. Apart from his hilarious impressions of Frank and others such as Billy Connolly, his physical comedy seems to ‘channel’ the greats – from Charlie Chaplin to George Carl – and brings a smile to faces young and old.
And it must be working. In the last 10 years, ‘Pearson and Harvey’ have become one of the most popular acts on the cruise ships of the world. From Brisbane to Burma (sorry.. Myanmar..) so we must be doing something right. Rob and I both put it down to a lot of experience in knowing what makes people laugh, what music they like and how to combine all the elements of entertainment to just make an audience feel good. And it’s a style that works internationally.

Speaking of cruising, if you never have, you must! It’s one of the best holidays you can have and Australians are cruising more than ever. It’s the place to meet people and we are meeting more and more fans that have seen us on more than one cruise. And we’ve never caught up with as many fellow variety performers; Comedians Mike Harris, wonderful singers like Davidia (‘Queen of the High ‘C’s!...I love that), Donna Campbell and Nathan Foley, brilliant magicians like Phil Cass and Brad Manuel and ol’ rockers like Roland Storm. And this is a very short list! You can always find which cruises we’re on here at ‘On With The Show’ or check our website at and click on the ‘Dates’ tab.

In much the same way that The Four Kinsmen continued the wonderful tradition of the variety group, Pearson and Harvey are perpetuating a style that is almost unique in 2015 – the double act. So much wonderful entertainment over the years has come from the acts we respect the most - MARTIN and LEWIS, MORECAMBE and WISE, and THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS. We never feel happier than when someone says to us ‘you remind us of…’ some of these great performers.

And you don’t even have to speak English to like our show! We’ve had wonderful compliments from Japanese audiences who know the songs (if not the lyrics) and cry with laughter at Robert’s antics. And many cruises we’ve done have had an almost totally American audience. That can be tricky. One compliment from an American passenger still makes us laugh. You see, Americans know Michael Crawford from ‘Phantom of the Opera’. They don’t know the Frank Spencer character. But that didn’t stop him from buying our CD and DVD and telling us “I don’t know who that guy was…but you NAILED him!”.

Robert and I will be bring all the routines, the characters, the gags and the songs to Jupiters auditorium on January 30 and we’d love to see you all there to join in the fun. On with the show!

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