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September 30, 2012

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REVIEW: Pearson & Harvey

Southport Sharks

September 20, 2012

By Shirley Broun


ON with the Show could not have kicked off its Show Reviews with a better example of what pure entertainment is all about than this delightful presentation by ex-The Four Kinsmen's George Harvey and Robert Pearson.
Cheering them on in the audience were fellow performers Jane Scali and husband Paul Martell along with Jane's mother Maria and Paul's daughter Courtney.
My father (who was keen to join me for the show) and I were surrounded by some of Australia's most professional and loved entertainers this country has to offer.
I had no pre-conceived ideas of what Pearson and Harvey would dish up to the packed audience although I did expect it would be something really special. My expectations were not only met but exceeded.
This talented duo have mastered the `element of surprise' when it comes to the variety of entertainment they pack into each show. It is reminiscent of  famous comedy teams of yesteryear like Abbott and Costello, Lewis and Martin and even Hope and Crosby.
Pearson's tribute to `mime performances' flung the audience into hysterical laughter. His superb timing and masterful delivery was a treat to behold. I'd go back just to see this segment again!
The inimitable George Harvey whose smooth-talking patter has made him one of this country's most sort-after comperes and was often the linch-pin in bringing together many of The Four Kinsmen comedy sketches continued in this genre with Pearson and Harvey. Add to this his amazing vocal skills and the combined performance of these vastly experienced artists was the ultimate in entertainment for all onlookers.
Next time they are in your town, be sure to catch them live on stage ... it will be well worth it!

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