Keith Urban – rapidly rising star 1992

November 9, 2012

90's Flashback

Flashback to Variety Today Jan-Feb 1992

From the Editor's Desk (Shirley Broun)

IN the next issue, we will spotlight country music with a full coverage on the 20th Australasian Country Music Awards in Tamworth.

Just recently, Frank Ifield and I attended a night of country entertainment which included Keith Urban, Gina Jeffries and the Danglin Bros. What a great line-up of talent, all with their own unique styles and each presenting a new country sound.

Rapidly rising star, Keith Urban, won the audience with his up-to-date rhythm and sound, together with his brilliance on the guitar and natural, fresh appeal. He sings many of his own songs as well and, from the high standard heard at this performance, Keith Urban is on track to make a major impact on the direction of country music in this country and abroad.

UPDATE TO 2012: How's that for a prediction! Today he is one of the most popular performers in the World and married to one of the most beautiful and well known of actresses, Nicole Kidman.

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