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October 2, 2014

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Young Melbourne songwriter

shows US Movie and TV

producers what he can do


AUSSIE singer/songwriter Dylan Meyer had his pen in hand On September 22 when his debut EP `When It’s Quiet’ was released worldwide.

Dylan Meyer

Dylan Meyer

On With the Show’s SHIRLEY BROUN was speaking with the talented performer in his Los Angeles home just three minutes after he heard it for the first time and Dylan couldn’t contain his excitement: “When you look forward to something like this for so long and it finally happens … wow, I just can’t take it all in. That is now one thing I can tick off my bucket list!” (hence the need for a pen).

Australian fans actually heard the track in 2012 when he released it locally but Dylan, 22, has since proved his worth to the broader spectrum by heading to LA and taking on the music world head on. “It was a big move and extremely challenging,” he said. “But when you want it so badly you have to throw your mind, spirit and soul into it and eventually things will work out. You just have to keep trying.”

So the self-funded musician packed his bags, sold his car, bought a plane ticket and headed for Hollywood in September last year with no idea of where the move would take him. “It was just one of those things I had to do.”

Three days later he was in hospital. “I had a temperature of 41C and it turned out to be a middle ear infection. It wasn’t a great start but I figured I could only go up from here.”

Dylan admits the move to LA was tough at first. “I just wanted to write and record and I worked really hard but it was difficult to get the recognition at first. I was working hard and getting nowhere … then I got a break and before I knew it I was recording with famous producers and well known people within the music industry.”

Among them were renowned Los Angeles producer and executive David Kershenbaun and A&R executive Judy Stakee from Warner/Chappell.

Dylan has since been writing music for hit TV series The Horizon. “I had met the series creator quite a while ago and had kept in touch. Then one day he rang and asked me to write a song for the next series. I spent about three days straight on it and they liked it. I believe the series is due out this month.”

Dylan has also written a song for a new film called The Judge, starring Robert Downey Jnr. “My song is among the final selection but I’m still waiting to hear if I have been successful.”

Competition is fierce when it comes to writing for TV and films. “You might write for 30 different projects and only actually get one or two.”

But Melbourne-born Dylan says he enjoys the challenge of writing a good song rather than the need to win the job. “Every project tests your ability and I love that.”

In three days Dylan will fly back to Australia to see his family and complete a few songwriting assignments for some local artists.

He said his latest success in the US has been largely due to the support he has received from Aussie audiences since he wrote his first song for a radio Christmas special in Melbourne as a teenager. That led to a spot on an acoustic showcase where he met local producer Sam Pancetta (Crowded House, Kylie Minogue) and was signed to Melodic Music.

What is next for the young Melbourne singer/songwriter who still has a healthy bucket list to achieve: “Well, I’m just going to keep working hard every day. I love my job and what I do.”

In the meantime, if you would like to check out Dylan’s latest song for the movie The Judge, then head to his website


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