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December 19, 2013

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A Letter to ON WITH THE SHOW readers from TERRY PRICE in Paris

Price & McCoy's Terry Price with Iya Traore.

LEADING up to Christmas is always a busy time for us, and this last week has been crazy for me. So besides the usual craziness ... Thursday I had my final rehearsals with my young acrobatic troupe. (Terry is passing on his experience and knowledge to these talented students).

Friday drove to Paris (8 hours drive). Saturday we were the featured act at a big Christmas show. We performed for 20 mins and drove home after the show.

Sunday we performed our 45 min show for a big local food company's Christmas party.

Monday was spent staging and rehearsing the sports show with my young acrobatic troupe, then it was time for their performance and boy what a show. My troupe received a standing ovation. (I have to add my son John who is a juggler, also performed as the opener to the show) As you can imagine I was beaming from ear to ear.

Henning, best friend and fellow member of Price & McCoy, and I usually have these gala shows leading up to Christmas, so that is normal, but having to help produce this sports show and prepare my acrobatic troupe was so much added pressure.

The sports show is a enormous celebration highlighting the sporting achievements of the champion sports men and women (both singly and teams) of south west France. The French Minister of Sports is the guest of honour so it's a big event, not just a football presentation night.

Henning and I performed in this show two years ago and the organisers asked me to help out this year, as last year they had trouble finding top entertainment. So I said, I'll not only help you find top line artists, I will prepare an act with local gymnasts to represent the region. Me with my big mouth!!

Terry Price with his talented troupe in France.

The economic crisis has been hard on all entertainment over here. The year has been tough, we all look forward to people and companies spending a little of that money they're squirreling.

Our shows have received wonderful feedback, and we hope to be able to continue our high energy act for years to come. At an age where many people the same age are slowing up, we're still bouncing around like 20-year-olds. In fact almost after every show these days people come up asking our ages.

I feel almost embarrassed to tell them the truth, because I know the response will be ... WOW, you're the same age as my father/grandfather or whatever. I told one lot, the secret to my vivacity is having a French wife!

Shirley, we would like to wish you and all your readers a Merry Christmas and lots of success in 2014.

Kindest regards, Terry Price (& Henning)

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