Dragon to launch Roses album

September 18, 2014

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Beat goes on for iconic band

as Dragon releases new album


DRAGON fans will be out in force tomorrow night when the band launches its latest album `Roses’ at The Basement in Sydney.

Taking time out to speak with On With the Show’s Shirley Broun, founder and bass guitarist Todd Hunter said the album was the 10th release since the reincarnation of the band in 2006 and would deliver exciting new tracks but with the trademark Dragon sound.  Dragon - band 2014

Todd said the album was a collaborative effort between the current line-up which also includes Mark Williams (lead vocals/acoustic guitar), Bruce Reid (electric guitar) and Peter Drummond (drums).

“We held a band camp at my studio and spent a week writing songs. It was just the right atmosphere to let the creative juices flow. We hung around the pool and relaxed. It produced great results,” said Todd.

The majority of songs were penned by Pete and Bec Drummond at Pear Studios in the Blue Mountains. Bass parts were recorded at Axle Studios on the South Coast and the guitar parts were laid down at Bruce Reid’s place in the Blue Mountains. Pete recorded Mark William’s vocals in hotel rooms and backstage areas around the country.

Todd admits when it comes to songwriting there are no limits to what they will try. “We are not afraid to fail. We try all sorts of material until we find what’s right for us.”

Todd said the days of disappearing into a studio for three months to record a new album are well and truly gone. “You can record anywhere these days. We even mixed tracks while on planes flying to different venues. “

Producing albums full of brand new material doesn’t sway the boys from Dragon. “We have enough material to just keep playing our old hits but you have to keep evolving and writing new material allows you to do that,” said Todd.

Todd described the new Roses album as “Very Dragon but very different as well. We really enjoyed putting it together. Writing is a great thing to do. It can be hard to get started but once you do … it’s like fishing … you get a nibble of an idea and then you just reel it in.”

Asked if he has a favourite track Todd replied: “Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow”.

Dragon just seems to keep getting better and busier. The band is booked until May 2015 including the Endless Summer Tour which kicks off in January in New Zealand and will coincide with another album release. They will also feature in Day on the Green shows around Australia.

Tomorrow night’s album launch at The Basement, Sydney, is certain to rock the house while giving audience members a taste of classic hits and something new on the Dragon song list. Book at www.moshtix.com.au
The band will then head for a live performance in Bowen on Saturday.


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