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Book Review: The Three Keys

August 11, 2013

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Your Hand-e-book to `life’

E-Book Review: `The Three Keys’, by Tim Mullins


Tim Mullins

SINCE I first obtained a copy of this book, The Three Keys, I have had it within easy reach for repeated reference. It’s like my handbook for `life’ and each time I refer to it I find I am injected with a renewed enthusiasm for life and simply, getting on with it!

Life is like a series of plays – one minute it’s all fun and games, then there is discovery and learning, excitement and romance, drama and intrigue, death and despair… it is never ending.

The extent of how these `plays’ affect us and the way we take on future challenges as our lives go on, has never been made so clear as it is in this debut Tim Mullin’s E-book, The Three Keys.

The author makes it very clear that how we feel is largely up to us … the individual. We can chose to let circumstances dictate if we feel sad, happy, frustrated, determined, excited, furious, and jealous or we can master `the three keys’ and put the control of our feelings back into our own hands.

Mullins introduces readers to three essential keys (or steps) to enable them to master their emotions and effectively take control of the way actions, situations or events make them feel.

And it doesn’t just relate to a love affair gone wrong or an issue with a friend or colleague but more appropriately to life’s full gambit of experiences ranging from issues close to the heart to your professional ambitions and goals, such as achieving ultimate success in your career.

It illustrates through easy-to-understand real life situations how to hit your targets or achieve your goals in the fastest possible time and how to stay focussed and in control of your destiny.

Mullins manages to identify the key issues that hold us all back from achieving results or success. I am talking about things like `uncertainty’ in decision making, lack of momentum when pursuing our goals, and making mistakes that deter us from continuing.

Read this book and you will discover … there is a simple solution and the key to overcoming these issues lies within each and every one of us, as individuals.

Mullin’s insightful outlook in The Three Keys is inspirational and a `must read’ for all of us as we face the many new challenges that enter our lives on a daily basis.

Whether you choose to use The Three Keys to unlock a new chapter in your life or to simply gain inspiration when all seems lost … there is one thing for sure, you will walk away with renewed energy and motivation and who knows … perhaps you’ll find the right key to true happiness and success. I hope so!

The Three Keys is available at www.lulu.com and is coming soon to itunes.

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