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Stones magic re-created in top stage production It’s Only Rock n Roll

April 6, 2014

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Rolling Stones `Rockumentary’ on tour

50 years of hits

Fun, high energy performance


WHILE fans of the Rolling Stones were disappointed recently with the postponement of the iconic group’s national tour there is a highly energised alternative that just happens to be touring the country as you read this with the next show scheduled for the Nautilus Theatre, Port Lincoln, South Australia tomorrow night.

It’s Only Rock n Roll relives the magic of the Rolling Stones.

Called `It’s Only Rock n Roll’ the production is more than just a rock show featuring the music of the Rolling Stones.

High energy rock show

Producer Wayne Smith, who also plays guitar in the show, described it as a high energy rock show at its core with one important point of difference in that it includes a narrated history and collection of interesting stories behind the songs and lives of the Rolling Stones. “It still has the music of one of the most iconic bands and musicians of all time while also combining a snapshot of their journey over the past 50 years,” he said. “The show includes two hours of hits plus a few surprises.”

The concept was devised long before The Rolling Stones announced an Australian Tour. “We were already booked into the venues before any suggestion that the Rolling Stones would be touring themselves and then the death of Mick Jagger’s girlfriend … that was so sad , a real tragedy of life … and I want to assure everyone we are not cashing in on the back of that tragedy. We are just out there doing our thing. It’s something we have been working on for a very long time and the Stones being here was just a coincidence,” said Wayne, who is a long term executive in the film and cinema world.

Entertainment promoter Andrew Malouf who has presented top shows like the hit `Time Warp’ and toured major artists including Alice Cooper, Status Quo, Neil Sedaka, The Hollie, Jose Feliciano, Leo Sayer and James Brown, to name but a few put the show together. “It was his concept and vision that made it a reality”.

Skilled musician David Swift is the show’s writer and director plays lead guitar in the show.

If you are wondering if the performance sounds anything like the real thing then I am assured you won’t be disappointed. Wayne says while they are not attempting to mimic the Stones the show’s top shelf musicians make it hard to tell the difference. “We even have the large amplification system that people will identify with the 70s so audiences can truly relive the era.”

Authentic musical snapshot

“You could call it a `Rockumentary’ – an authentic musical snapshot behind one of the greatest rock n roll bands in the world, The Rolling Stones. It’s two hours of interactive fun, high energy music and engaging content,” said Wayne.

“The Stones have produced some of the most legendary music of our time with over 200 million albums sold, but countless hit singles,” says Wayne, who also plays lead / rhythm guitar in the show.
“They’ve performed thousands of shows and are unparalleled in terms of success and fame, so the material we had to draw upon was almost inexhaustible. We are talking about a 50 year non-stop phenomenon condensed into songs and stories that create two-hours of fun and enjoyment… that’s why we say it’s a snap-shot in time.”

As an added touch the show features a school choir from each local area it plays in. “It took quite a bit of organising but has proven a real hit and the kids are getting real life experience singing in a professional show.”

National tour

Its Only Rock n Roll is touring to key cities and regional centres throughout the country. It began at Broken Hill last Thursday followed by a performance at South Australia’s Chaffey Theatre, Renmark on Friday. “We are performing in South Australian venues until April 12 then head back to The Palms at Crown, Melbourne on June 7.

“We will be touring in increments of a week or two at a time both nationally and overseas,” said Wayne. “We are also really looking forward to meeting up with Rolling Stones fans who make it to our gigs. It is going to be a huge night!”

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