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Music industry set to hit awards high (1994)

January 13, 2013

90's Flashback

Stars gather for Gold Coast awards

Country Music Legends John McSweeney and Reg Lindsay are among the guests at the awards night.

On With the Show’s

Flashback to Variety Today 1994

THIS year’s Gold Coast Music Awards proudly presented by Gold Coast Music promises to be a star gazer’s delight.

Scheduled to appear at this year’s event are former `Laugh-in’ star Chelsea Brown, Venetta Field from John Farnham band, Hey Hey It’s Saturday’s Shane Bourne, Queensland Entertainer of the Year Greg Doolan, country music legends Reg Lindsay and John McSweeney, Syd `Cookie’ Heylen from À Country Practice’, Vic Rooney from E Street, Variety Today’s Shirley Broun and many more.

Now in it’s third year, The Gold Coast Music Awards has proven to be one of the most exciting nights on the Gold Coast’s music calendar, and of course, this year will be no exception.

The response to the awards from composers, musicians and the local music industry has been overwhelming and the number of entries for this year has reached a record high.

The prestige that the awards have garnered and the esteem in which they are held is evident in the number of established artists who choose to enter the awards. The culmination of it all is the Gold Coast’s very own `Grammies’ night on Tuesday, October 11, at the Gold Coast Arts Centre Theatre as part of the Tropicarnival Festival. After surviving the Gold Coast Music Awards’ extensive judging process, the final nominations in each of the 18 categories have been announced (see end of story).

Lisa Ryan Gold Coast Music Awards 1990s

Gold Coast Music Awards organiser Lisa Ryan-McLaughlin.

Organiser Lisa Ryan-McLaughlin said that one of the most interesting comments to come from hopeful winners is the belief that the Gold Coast Music Awards is far and away one of the fairest awards currently in existence.

The Awards committee has made it imminently clear that the judging is anonymous and unbiased. Lisa said: “The judges don’t have any idea of whom they are adjudicating as all entries are coded and no performers named on the entry.

After the judging is completed the results are only known to the accounting firm McGearchie and Rickard and those results are sealed in envelopes. Ëven I don’t know who the winners are,” said Lisa.

And the nominees are:

BEST MALE VOCAL – Mario Merlini, `Be Myself’; Brian Sutton, `Like Magic’; Kevin Somerville, `Portrait of My Love’; Phil Coates, `Glad It’s You Not Me’.

BEST FEMALE VOCAL – Vanya, `Passion’s Fury’; Jennifer Faint, Order of the Day’; Vanya, `Lovin’s Easy’.

BEST POPULAR MUSIC – Bullamakanka, `Runaway Heart’; Claire Sutton, `Like Magic’; Vanya, `Lovin’s Easy’; Adrian Stuckey/Jennifer Faint, `Order of the Day’; Michelle Ross, `Take Control’.

BEST ORIGINAL ROCK/BLUES – Darryl Holden/Claire Doran, `He Cries’; Andrew Malle, `Never Give In’; Brian and Claire Sutton, `Has Anybody Seen My Heart’.

BEST ORIGINAL ALTERNATIVE – Ian Waller, `Can’t Be Love’; Lliano Laquinto, `Day by Day’; Adrian Stuckey/Jennifer Faint, `Silent War’.

BEST COUNTRY FEMALE – Lorraine Bird, `Crazy’; Llewellen Rae, `The Flow of Reason’; Lorraine Bird, `Working Man’.

BEST COUNTRY MALE – Bob Pierse, `Night of Love’; John Kane, `Knocking On My Heart’; Bob Pierse, `Til Next Time’.

BEST COUNTRY GROUP – Chris Elliot, `Losers Can Never Win’; New World, À Hundred Miles of Highway’; Chris Elliot, `I Still Miss You’.

BEST ORIGINAL JAZZ COMPOSITION (COMPOSER) – Jose McLaughlin, `Manhattan Skyline’; Gregg Arthur, `Audrey’; Peter Uppman, `Beyond Tomorrow’.

BEST JAZZ INSTRUMENTAL – Hot Wombat, `Strike Up the Band’; Jose McLaughlin, `Manhattan Skyline’; Hot Wombat, `Wolverine Blues’.

BEST JAZZ VOCAL – Cindy Donato, `I Just Might My Mind’; Gregg Arthur, `Foggy Day’; Adrian Stuckey/Jennifer Faint, `Driftin”.

BEST ORIGINAL INSTRUMENTAL – James A. Black, `The Children’s Concerto’; Ross Lovell, `Romanzo’; James A. Black, `Song of the Earth’.

BEST ORIGINAL RELIGIOUS MUSIC – David Barry, `True Love’; Raymond Oliver/Jenny O’Donohue, `Calon Lan’; Chris Elliot, `Angel on Guard’.

BEST HOME DEMO – Jin McGuinnes/Gary Philpot, `Waste of Time’; Datanjon Silver, `Silver’; Lliano Laquinto, `Day By Day’.

BEST SOUND ENGINEER – Darryl Holden/Claire Doran, `Soak It Up’; Brian Sutton, `Has Anybody Seen My Heart’; Darryl Holden/Claire Doran, `Man Versus Clock’.

BEST CLASSICAL MUSIC – Claire Sutton, `Gift of Love’; James A. Black, `Children’s Concerto’; Ross Lovell, `Elizabeth’s Theme’.

BEST JINGLE – Brian and Claire Sutton, `Coast FM’; David Burmingham, `Beam Me Up’; Studio P, `Diner Down Under’.

BEST AMBIENT/WORLD/ETHNIC – James Andrew Black, `Ocean’; Brian Sutton, `The World’s Gone Mad’; James Andrew Black, `Moongirl’.

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