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Eurogliders reunite for special tour

February 26, 2014

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Lizottes host Eurogliders live on stage

Old hits and new



IT has been 30 years since Grace Knight charmed audiences as lead singer in the 80’s hit band the Eurogliders and now she is set to do it all over again.

The Euroglider’s have announced they are back on the road for a limited season with tickets selling fast at popular venues Lizottes Newcastle, Kincumber and Dee Why.

Original members including vocalist Grace Knight and vocal guitarist Bernie Lynch, who originally started the Eurogliders in Perth in 1980, decided to reform the band after constant requests from the iconic group`s loyal fan base which still continues to follow them on Facebook. “The shows will bring back a lot of memories for those who listened to our music in the 80s. Hits such as Heaven (Must be There) which not only topped the Australian charts in 1984 but also launched us in the US plus Can’t Wait to See You, The City of Soul and We Will Together will give audiences a chance to relive a great era. And they can do it with us in a light and intimate atmosphere,” said Grace.

She added there will be both old hits and new songs in the band’s repertoire. “It won’t be full on rock’n’roll but a more intimate event where the crowd can get involved.”

Grace moves into jazz


During the decades since the Eurogliders split Grace Knight has been far from idle. In fact, her distinctive husky vocals led her into the spotlight as one of the country’s leading jazz performers. “My partner helped me push my boundaries into jazz for which I am eternally grateful.”

Since being acknowledged as a jazz singer in the 90s Grace’s career has forged ahead in leaps and bounds. “It was very different to sing jazz but I have actually won more awards for my jazz singing and sold more jazz records than I did with the Eurogliders which I found quite amazing,” said Grace in a surprised tone.

While Grace doesn’t believe she has strong song-writing abilities she does admit to having a love for telling stories which is why the jazz-style of music is a great match for her talents.

Versatility key to longevity


As an indication of her versatility Grace was recently seen in a television acting role on Neighbours. “I played a grief stricken wife who cried a lot but it was great fun.” Grace also wrote a book based on her personal account of living with the effects of childhood trauma.

Originally born in London the award-winning singer now lives in Victoria and is proud that her music spans generations. “I have a lot of young people coming to my gigs,” she said.

Performing remains the popular songstress’s first love and her years spent with the Eurogliders were among her happiest. “We are counting on the fans support to make this comeback last as long as possible. We can’t keep touring without them,” said Grace.

See Grace Knight (vocals), Bernie Lynch (vocals, keys, guitar), Sam Lemann (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, baritone guitar, backing vocals) and Ben Edgar (guitar, banjo, lap steel, backing vocals), on stage live and intimate at NSW venues – Lizottes Newcastle February 27, Lizottes Kincumber February 28 and Lizottes Dee Why March 1.

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