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Eurogliders hit right note with fans

July 18, 2014

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Success sparks new album

And return to 80s dance moves

With Grace Knight on stage


AWAKENING to the sad news of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 being shot down and the loss of 280 passengers and 15 crew including 27 Australians left Grace Knight speechless.

Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch, of the Eurogliders.

“I had only just got out of bed and heard the tragic news before you called for our interview. I am in absolute shock. How could this happen?” she asked in utter disbelief.

“Surely no one would shoot down a passenger jet intentionally. It must be so devastating for the poor families and friends of those on board.”

Grace needed a moment to regain her composure to discuss a much happier event … the Euroglider’s Reunited Tour which has had audiences dancing in the aisles since it first kicked off earlier this year.
“We’ve been getting a joyous response everywhere we play,” said jazz singer Grace. “There have been plenty of people from the 80s as well as a lot of young audiences and as soon as we start playing they all get up from their seats and start dancing and singing along. It’s been incredible and lots of fun.”

Setting new trend for dancing 80s style

The hit band’s big hits have even inspired a return to the dancing that was in vogue during the Euroglider’s most successful era.

“I even posted footage on my Facebook page of a guy dancing in 80s style with me on stage at one of our gigs. It reminded me of how stupid we all looked but then again it was just so much fun,” Grace chuckled.

With 17 of the next 20 weeks already booked the Eurogliders, which first burst onto the scene as a Perth-based indie pop band in 1980, are in big demand. Audiences are queuing just for a chance to hear the band play some of their most notable hits including Heaven (Must Be There), Can’t Wait to See You and We Will Together.

New album on the way

The success of this latest tour has inspired the release of a new album due out around October which both Grace and founding member of the Eurogliders Bernie Lynch are well on the way to completing. “Bernie is a wonderful writer and I am good at interpreting his lyrics … it is a great combination.”

“The album is going to be something really different,” said Grace. “We are revisiting some of our old hits and presenting them in a completely new way while also introducing some new songs as well. It will shed a whole new light on the songs we know and love. As a vocalist I am loving them. It is also great to be back in the recording studio. ”

In the meantime, the Eurogliders are getting up close and personal with audiences on their latest tour which next week heads to Twin Towns Services Club on the Queensland Gold Coast. “We played Twin Towns off and on for 10 years during the 80s and it will be great to see some of the old faces. I am great at remembering faces but names are a bit harder. But I’d encourage everyone to come up and say hi.”

As for a favourite song Grace admits it is always the song she is singing at the time. “I get intimate with each and every one of them as it is being recorded. I hope that comes through.”

Grace said the Eurogliders were only getting better with age and there was much more on the way. “I feel better now than I ever was,” she said. So look out here they come.

Catch up with Grace Knight and the Eurogliders at Twin Towns Services Club Tweed Heads on July 25, Kedron Wavell Services Club at Chermside July 26, Towradgi Beach Hotel Wollongong August 1, Blacktown Workers Club August 2, Heathcote Hotel August 3 and Broncos Leagues Club Brisbane on November 14.


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