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Drug-free path to combat stress and illness

May 17, 2013

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Performers among those at risk


THE entertainment industry has long been identified as a place where its members suffer a great deal of stress.

Angela Wilson

Long hours travelling on the road or in the air to get to the next `gig’, late nights performing on stage followed by signing autographs and socialising with friends and fans, then up early to rehearse for the next show … it all takes its toll on our much-loved performers.

Actors too often bring their `latest role’ home with them unable to break free of the character they portrayed on the small or big screen. Some turn to alcohol or drugs to `manage’ the inevitable stress and tiredness that ensues after long days and little sleep. But this type of ‘abuse’ on the body, mind and spirit can ultimately be lethal on your health as time goes on.

The good news is that there are ways that individuals can manage their own stress and as a result reach greater heights in their careers as well as living a much healthier and happier lifestyle.

According to 10th Generation Chinese Health Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist Angela Wilson many people turn to alcohol or drugs as a `quick fix’ to ease stress and cope with problems. “But we all know that in the long term this can cause great damage to our health – and sometimes it can be fatal,” she said.

Angela said there are ways to treat the symptoms of stress but people must firstly identify they have a problem and want to rectify it. “They really have to want to learn the techniques to help them cope with stress. Once they know how to do it they can then manage the stress successfully themselves.”

Some of the symptons of stress, she said, could be over-indulgence of alcohol or drugs. “If stress is affecting you dramatically, some people will turn to these options to try and eliminate the impact of stress but it only causes more problems to health. Another tell-tale sign is fatigue and starting to hate what you do each day.”

She said learning a few easy techniques will allow sufferers to learn how to cope without the use of drugs or alcohol. The techniques can also be applied for health related issues, relationships and in business. The technique is a very economical way to approach issues affecting your life and maximises your efforts to improve health, stage/career performances, business and relationships of all kinds before it is too late,” said Angela.

“It is also a tool which can give you an instant `fix’ without an addiction to alcohol and drugs. It is totally natural. With this technique you can predict the potential risk in health and take control of it. In other words, be proactive and manage it in a proactive way before it is too late.”

Entertainers are easy targets of stress. “Their audiences expect them to be at the top of their game every moment of the day and night. They have an image to uphold and this often prevents them from being themselves or simply taking `time out’ when their body tells them they need it. “Instead they must keep up appearances at all times and this can be exhausting and detrimental to their health,” she said

Angela said stress also came in the form of `fear’. “Stress management programs can also assist in removing the nerves that many artists experience before going on stage. Rehearsals help too, of course, but once you get out on stage the whole process relies on your sub conscious and artists hope it all just comes naturally. Stress can hinder this outcome.”

The Body, Mind and Spirit (BMS) Speaker who has over 15 years of experience as a practitioner, is attracting quite a following on the `Speaker’ circuit too. She was an honoured guest at the 3rd China Psychologists Forum at The Great Hall of the People, China’s Parliament and her introduction was recorded in the Special Edition – Book of China Psychologists and, now based on the Queensland Gold Coast, she is also speaking to audiences throughout Australia.

See www.bmstherapy.org

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