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Aussie Jazz great to tour US/Europe (1991)

January 6, 2013

90's Flashback

James Morrison heads overseas

MO Award winner James Morrison.

On With the Show’s

Flashback to Variety Today, 1991


JAMES Morrison never ceases to amaze his peers and audiences. In just three years he has been the recipient of seven prestigious `MO’ Awards, with the latest two including the Ricky May Jazz Performer of the Year and Male Jazz Performer of the Year.

In a matter of days the talented musician who was the 1990s Australian Performer of the Year will embark on a major overseas tour of the USA and Europe. His success at this year’s `MO’ Awards held at the State Theatre, Sydney, brought a big smile to the boyish face of this multi-talented artist. “I’m very happy. It’s great,” he said delightedly.

A little shy, extremely modest and softly spoken, James is what you could call a real success story. At 28, he has already achieved `star’ status in his homeland of Australia where his name is a household word. His now famous `Postcards From Downunder’ was released in 1988, the Montreux Festival recording `Swiss Encounter’ came in 1989 and more recently the ultimate one-man bigband sound in `Snappy Doo’, an album described as a masterful pot-pourri of his musicianship.

On the eve of the MO Awards it was announcced his `Snappy Doo’ album had achieved Gold status and it was no wonder the thousands who attended the event were treated to such a fine `live’ performance by James and brilliant guitarist Tommy Emmanuel. This was a duet hard to beat.

James is totally at ease with the classics as he is with traditional, contemporary and electronic jazz. In 1990, this well travelled and world renowned entertainer won the German Jazz Critic Award and toured the world with Ray Charles and BB King; both these superstars hailed James as an exceptional talent.

James will begin his two month tour of the USA with a one week season at New York’s premier jazz club `The Blue Note’ followed by a two month tour of the European Festival Circuit.


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